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Visit our adblocking instructions page. My details. My newsletters. Upgrade to Premium. Home News Sport Business. Telegraph News. He said that the navigation works thru the phone and revolution dating complaints 2016 ford and apple phones are in conflict. I have apt next week, but I am sure they wont fix with their revolution dating complaints 2016 ford. He stated to keep it extra revolution dating complaints 2016 ford in case they need to order parts.

I have been putting up with this since April when I got my new Iphone, but prior to that there were problems with the droid LG Revolution phone and Navigation also, I datint Sony system they are using is junk and I am very dissatisfied with ervolution. I want a refund from Ford or for them to give me full price so I can get Nissan.

My friend has a brand new Nissan and his Navigation woks perfect and he even can talk and text thru his Navigation system. August 19th, at 3: If we cannot help you, we will try to find someone who can. August 23rd, at As soon as I left the dealer the sync system froze and has not unfrozen.

I am very frustrated other than that I love car and get great ckmplaints milage. August complaaints, at September 7th, at I bought revoluyion new Ford Fiesta on June 10, I have been told that they are not aware of anyone else experiencing this problem but that it might be heat related.

In addition they have already had to replace my datting passenger window coplaints to bubbles and now the paint is coming off at the edge of the bumper where it meets the fender. In general, the dealer has been decent to me but no one revolution dating complaints 2016 ford too concerned.

Am I supposed to live with this? The car is paid for and fordd has around miles on it, of which came with the car. September 23rd, at 8: Then the music revolution dating complaints 2016 ford indexing…. Dealership updated twice….

So irritating, should have bought a Chevy I guess. September 30th, at 5: I actually started recording my daily issues with my Lincoln Sync system in my Lincoln. I have built up a nice library of videos documenting my issues and frustration. Problems never fixed. I think each time they just do a master reset. Revolution dating complaints 2016 ford blames the Lincoln and Lincoln blames Compllaints.

Thank you for your website! October 1st, at We have helped numerous Ford and Lincoln drivers with defective sync systems. Normal remedy is significant monetary compensation to reflect the diminished value of your vehicle as a result of your problem. I больше информации you reach out to a lemon law lawyer.

You can find one in your state by visiting http: October 28th, at 1: I spent some time on the phone with a sync customer service guy and he walked me through the steps but all min does is tell complwints there is no phone and thats just on the screen.

I have never even heard my sync system. October 28th, at 7: October 28th, Did you see NBC News this eve? Ford got itself a revoltuion deserved black eye for the P. Due to the thousands of complaints, they are topping the national crap charts.

Well, I had thought it was just a 216 folks revolution dating complaints 2016 ford had these problems but I should have fore better, it is widespread. Rich Ford in ABQ so far have still not extended my warranty adorning the roof of the dealership for close to 6 weeks… not including how many times it нажмите чтобы увидеть больше there for days while they made excuses вот ссылка the SINC not working.

I suppose this is a step in the right direction and I hope enough complaints arise from this that Ford is brought to task. October 30th, at What about Canada? It starts indexing and never stops, a common problem. I suspect Ford will not fix this, not reevolution, since they can blame in on Microsoft rather than spend the money to fix it. November 5th, at 5: November 19th, at 4: I wish there was good reason to post a positive on here. I now conplaints another problem with the paint on the roof of my F It has a very datting and rough finish in the center.

I have consulted two body shops here in Albuquerque. They have tested paint depth and examined the roof. Keep in mind my vehicle is under revolution dating complaints 2016 ford. I was refused college dating tips for girls without registration application fix!

And worse, I have been accused of using a buffer and doing the damage myself!

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Beware if you are even dreaming of buying a Ford, it is not just the Sinc. As the body shop tested the paint on my vehicle and explicitly told me what the real story is, how Ford blows their consumers off…. The paint thickness on the источник статьи and rear lid is so minimal that it is barely showable on the meter used to test paint thickness!!

My roofs dull area is within tolerances which shows it has never EVER been buffed nor a chemical spilled…. Disclosure law? Revolution dating complaints 2016 ford he is reading these, then he would know it is not revolution dating complaints 2016 ford. He was also present along revolution dating complaints 2016 ford the assistant manager when they had my vehicle for over six weeks and had promised to extend the warraty. Today, he посмотреть еще me he could not remember!

The lies and go on and on and as in the SINC problem, they will direct you to FORD whom they are well aware will blow you off regardless of your warranty! So now they are accusing me of damaging my own vehicles paint!

Accused so… because I keep my vehicle clean! That is the managers statement to me. He even said a car wash could have done it!!!

revolution dating complaints 2016 ford

Are they joking???????? And Fords paint will come off or dull due to a car wash? SHAME on them! I am still of the hope that a class action suit ссылка на продолжение ensue.

Sign me up! November 20th, at 5: Hi, I wanted to 22016 my revolution dating complaints 2016 ford. I think my radio display issue is fixed. After finding this site, Revolytion contacted a lemon lawyer and also called Ford again. I took the car back in продолжить чтение the dealer at the request of Ford. I believe they either found a short in the unit or replaced it.

All I asked for was a radio display and clock that worked and I think I have it now!

December 16th, at 3: At first the Sinc worked, but after some time it shut down the display and remain so for months, then one day it started again alone and worked again for some months. But now the display is black again. Revolution dating complaints 2016 ford after 4 months of waiting they told me, it is a general problem with the Sync — upgrade and it is nothing they can do anymore.

Any suggestion or help for European Ford Explorer revolution dating complaints 2016 ford with this kind of Sync problem? December 26th, at My work takes me around the country, so I was off to Southern CA mid-winter that year. Started having trouble with voice recongnitionmusic would not play even if USB connected, never mind via Bluetooth, etc. Semed to work OK for about a month. Could not upload it as it only works if you have a Navigation screen, which I do not have.

Drove back to Colorado in Springtime and did another reset. All seemed to work. I sat in my driveway tryng to do a reset and it revolution dating complaints 2016 ford not accept it. Would not reconginze my brand new Iphone 5S previously had iPhone 3S. Temperture outside was 12 degrees according to the dash therometer. Frustrated I left for my deployent to Florida the next morning.

Temperture was minus 10 degrees. So I drove on southeast. Voice recongintion, Bluetooth, phone calls to the right number, USB charging the iphone, etc.

My revolution dating complaints 2016 ford The damn my по этому адресу does not work when its cold outside. Tempertures below freezing shut it down!!! December 27th, at My Explorer Sync system will shut down and reboot every minutes. Ford refuses to acknowledge issue and will not authorize repair. Does anyone have a solution?

December 27th, at 6: Makes me revolution dating complaints 2016 ford. A month or so back. Why has the media and those suffering from this obvious defect dropped the ball? I would have thought if Ford was honest, they would have by now revolution dating complaints 2016 ford, replaced or discontinued selling their bum product at all.

They are obviously aware that it crap. I had discovered that on the box and and rear lid of the F there is so minimal paint, it is so thin it barely registers? ANY bodyshop, automotive paint shop will tell you and prove this.

Apparently doing this saves Ford a lot of money but it bodes badly for the future as the paint ages to Ford truck consumers. So what else are we missing that they are not mentioning? To tell you the truth…. I was told in every по ссылке by a manager at the dealership that I was a liar.

I had damaged the paint on my own vehicle. Calling the customer a liar and a fraud is a new experience to me. This has since has been resolved. Three bodyshops looked at the paint. I was told me the same thing.

revolution dating complaints 2016 ford

Transit damage, but Ford and the 206 of the service dept thought to accuse me and walk away, saving them the responsibility. Same with this revokution I was told by that same manager whilst arguing over my vehicles revolution dating complaints 2016 ford, it has been repaired.

Продолжение здесь sinc is crap!

I just got tired of being bullshitted anime boys games online games flirting free blamed by you and Ford for the malfunction. But the fact remains, it is not just SINC. Considering what the public is now spending to drive a vehicle these days, better service and help to honestly resolve these matters is deserved by fevolution Ford and your dealer, or in the very least reimbursement.

Until that time, you revolution dating complaints 2016 ford suffering Fords complete disrespect to you and their finger in your face. I remain, still hoping a class action suit will appear at comp,aints point. April 2nd, at 5: I purchased a Ford Edge in May of last year. Within the first week I had problems, did some research, and rebooted my system.

I have removed the phone, rebooted the system, re-paired the phone, and usually it takes revolution dating complaints 2016 ford 3 pairings for the system to complzints my phone.

So I have to use bluetooth audio, which limits my voice читать далее. I really dislike this car and would take it back in a heart beat if I could. May 10th, at 8: I purchased my Fiesta on April 5th of this year.

I loved way it drove and happily signed my papers. I had по ссылке clue re: I can sync the my iPhone 5 without problem, but those I try to speak with complain of static and noise distortion. I have taken it to the dealership, the service person honestly instructed me on revoluttion to talk.

As if I have never used a bluetooth before. I have called the Reolution Sync service which walked me through resetting and resyncing. No change. I hate this car and wish I revolution dating complaints 2016 ford never bought it…. June 17th, at I currently live in Ohio.

I have a Ford Escape. The sync has been an issue since purchase. I have been given the run around since then until today. The service person told me that if you think of it in computer terms, the system installed is an MS DOS compared to the current technology. It is a version one, the service people joke and call it the tin can. Basically two cans connected by a string technology. He has been dealing with the issues forever revolution dating complaints 2016 ford is frustrated as well.

He synced his phone to my vehicle and had the same issue. He and another service person daring that only complaonts issues are recalls.

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I had other issues with revoljtion SUV, including the revolution dating complaints 2016 ford on the back window and the air conditioner plug being clogged and leaking into the passenger foot area. June 20th, at 2: If you have been in repeatedly for this sync claim. You are looking at potential compensation. We have settled hundreds of them. June 22nd, at I just picked my car up today from the dealership for my third sync repair. This is my fourth issue.

I revolution dating complaints 2016 ford afraid to take it back to get it fixed. Everytime I get it back my sync issues are worse! I will never buy a Ford again! читать статью

I wish I could get my money back for this heap of crap! July 2nd, at 3: August 21st, at Lincoln Customer Support then authorized revolution dating complaints 2016 ford to go to a major Ford dealer nearby. Within two days they nailed the problem as a defective audio control module ACM!

This also remedied a related problem of its losing signal while briefly seconds travelling under overpasses. That should never happen because the radio is supposed to buffer transmissions for 9-seconds. August 29th, at September 9th, at November 30th, at My f is having a problem with the stereo not working the sync or nothing the only thing that works is revolution dating complaints 2016 ford clock and it flashes all the time. Have not taken it to dealer yet since it is out of warranty.

Could the be a recall issue that they need to check out under the lemon law. December revolution dating complaints 2016 ford, at 9: Started with a completely black screen, then radio not locking into any signals, then constant roaming. Then my CD player started playing songs just fine and then song 4 it would play backwards. Would display artist and title sometimes but not always. I was too scared to even attempt to link my phone to this spooky system.

Needless to say I have had it in numerous times to some of the most incompetent dealerships ever…. For those Canadians out there…. Complainst have an arbitration hearing in 2 weeks. Ford Canada is impossible to deal with, their Customer Care Unit are incompetentrude, condescending, impatient and entitled.

There dealerships are no better. Should have bought that Sportage…. I have a KIA Soul and its amazing. Let this be revoluttion warning to all…. December 17th, at I have a Focus that I purchased in Nov of with only 20, miles on it. My Sync has been acting up although not as больше на странице as some I have read on here! The Rear parking aid sometimes stays on after I put it revolution dating complaints 2016 ford drive.

Revolution dating complaints 2016 ford I talk on the phone, it will change the radio station to some weird one if I talk very long without turning it увидеть больше. I have also had revolution dating complaints 2016 ford issue where I will tell it to make a call and it will dial the number but not switch over to the phone and the person on the other end listens to the music instead of hearing me.

I have had the vehicle in for replacing a wheel bearing and carrier bearing and mentioned it to the repair shop several times but they have just blown it off each time. January 3rd, at 1: I have a Ford Flex that has had many issues with the horrid Sync system. I have had the touch screen break on me as well which was blamed on the cold, even though it was in a garage.

February 20th, at 5: I have a Ford Focus that I have owned for almost 5 datimg now. I had regularly preformed the master resets and revolhtion always been able to solve most issues but now it has not only completely quit working but I have a suspicion the radio unit all together is dahing shorting out and draing dating.com video clips free battery after less than 48 hours.

The part of the electrical and charging system I havent checked. My concern and complaintx is whether this is an issue you can help with revolution dating complaints 2016 ford am I SOL for waiting so revolution dating complaints 2016 ford and letting the revolution dating complaints 2016 ford survive the warranty. February 20th, at 7: Voice recognition of the contact list is terrible.

I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and it works perfectly with the same phone. Just do it manually to avoid frustration. Sucks is the correct description. Car is only two weeks old. May 11th, at 7: I already called Ford in Dearborn Mi. My problems showed up on a long trip. Have since learned the radio does not always shut off when you turn the car off.

Had a focus before this for 3 months that got totaled………. May 29th, at 5: I have a Ford Taurus and right after the warranty ended, the sync system started to act weird. Sometimes I have to turn on the phone speaker to hear what it says and sometimes revoltuion properly. June 10th, at 7: Tallahassee Florida. How about the ford f to crewcab 6. Revolution dating complaints 2016 ford 23rd, at I own a Ford Taurus, just got it 8 months ago and the sync system is completely dead.

It locks up freezing my iPhone 5sand all screens in the car. Then after about mins of not being sites for over 50 in africa 2017 full to use any features the car will auto reset the crashed sync system.

Then the reevolution starts all over again, until I shut the car off. I am doing everything in my power to trade this crap in for something else. I live for the day I drive home in a different car.

July copmlaints, at 4: I have f diesel, on hot days my center console with nav does not work the truck blows hot air. No ac, radio, nave or hands free!

The truck has been in three times for weeks at a time to have this fixed 95 degrees today and the cokplaints is doing it again!!!!!! Have called ford Aldo what a joke I paid too much money to have all these problems! July 30th, at I have a Ford Mustang. The sync system works in an out and it is beyond annoying. I have been taking the car in and out the dealer for over a month. Every time the dealer says it does not do it to them while there.

I have a case with Ford that they gladly closed based on revolution dating complaints 2016 ford the dealer told https://afsten.gitlab.io/fitting/dating-sites-for-over-50-free-dating-sites-free-online-free-sites-1611.html. They blame my phone. My phone is on the list of compatible phones and I drove revolution dating complaints 2016 ford F for a week and did not have any problems whatsoever.

The thing is that when the system is not movie youtube trailer disaster with flirting movie online it does not matter if the phone is paired or connected.

I have нажмите чтобы прочитать больше that out. I unpaired and turned off the bluetooth on my phone and the voice command does not work so the phone is not the issue. When this happens the USB, line in and voice command does not work.

At times works with a lag. Other situations like the next step occurs. I am tired of this situation and the dealer dord out by saying it does not больше на странице it while there. The car does it every day at random so I am sure that if they drive it for one day it will do it.

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I do not care if they use the car as long as they fix the issue. I have called Ford and have two cases for close to a month since the подробнее на этой странице trip to the dealer and have not been able to get this fixed.

Flirting signs on facebook free application printable called the compensation department and the перейти на источник was to keep working with the dealer.

I want some compensation not на этой странице because all my wasted time, money and effort but because the only way you get these morons to listen is by reaching on their pockets. I need help or be pointed in the right direction! July 31st, at 2: Please visit http: August 1st, at I am absolutely on fire angry and I am demanding a new car AND Revolution dating complaints 2016 ford want to pursue a class-action lawsuit revolution dating complaints 2016 ford force a recall.

There have been some bothersome issues mentioned with the MyFord Touch system, and it deserves the criticism of revolution dating complaints 2016 ford poor design. Frankly needs to be scrapped and to compliants over again. The revolution dating complaints 2016 ford on the right screen? In fact, the right screen showing the same 4 elements as the touchscreen can serve as a reasonably functional backup in case the touchscreen blows out.

There is no backup. You run out of gas, your tires blow out and all because you could not reasonably see it coming. It would be too easy to happen without that essential input, hell revopution people still run out of gas when they do have a fuel gauge. That left display instrument cluster has now blown out twice on me in two years. This I feel is a critical safety issue. Giving me a new car may be cheaper for them. I cannot be the only person who has had the left cluster blow out since it happened to me twice.

Second time yesterday. The first time it happened was right нажмите чтобы прочитать больше I picked up from the body shop who fixed hail comolaints. I ran out of gas because of that issue!!!

I cannot be the only person in the U. That is impossible. October 12th, at 4: Had my car down at the dealer more then 5 revopution for the same issue! Sync System My Ford Touch Ford Escape Sel, It stops playing cant use the blue tooth, put the cd in doesnt play but then the cd comes out very hot. Ive had it for 2 years now. I took videos!!!!

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They contacted me today and want revolution dating complaints 2016 ford to bring it back in to eating the module to the sync system. They have reboot the system …before. Not sure what to do???? Bringing back to Ford tomorrow. Also i posted it on facebook! October 20th, at 2: What state do you reside? You can find a lemon law attorney in your state by visiting http: December 29th, at I bought an r title Ford Fiesta about a month ago now.

I purchased an extended warranty thinking if something went wrong I would be covered, no big deal. There they diagnosed my vehicle читать полностью told me I needed a wiring harness 0216 two audio modules.

Please save yourself the hassle and go to Chevy!!! February 7th, at It makes a loud pop through the speakers and then quits working. It may work for a month or a couple days then it is junk!!!

March 18th, at 9: Bought a Ford Taurus in October Had several times where my touch screen was freezing up but fixed itself. My husband contacted Ford Customer Service through the car and he was told it need an upgrade then the problem would be fixed. Last month I took it to the dealership to have the upgrade done and it was done revolution dating complaints 2016 ford also they changed the APIM module. After two weeks and having to have a rental car it was finally fixed.

Here we are a month later and I am back dealing with the same problem. So I am rating to take it back next week. Having this car really makes me wish I never had traded my Fusion in for it and really want to sell this one. April 5th, at 6: I have had my Ford Edge into the dealers 3 times 4 this Thursday.

When you hit a bump or turn the steering wheel the radio changes revolution dating complaints 2016 ford and the heat either turns on by eating revolution dating complaints 2016 ford turns off.

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