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Following the episode that aired March 4,the show went on a six-week hiatus and was replaced by The American Embassy. The show returned on April 15,to air the final 7 episodes. Season Five on February 10, The fifth season had an average rating of 9. Kelley Productions. Kelleywho also wrote 21 out of 22 episodes. Staff writers this season included Constance M.

Alice West served as the co-executive producer of flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast season. The fifth flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast had twelve major roles receive star billingthe most out of all of the seasons. Robert Downey, Jr. Узнать больше members Peter MacNicol and Lucy Liu only signed on for a certain number of episodes and were subsequently flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast out.

Full Throttle. Nicholson and Marsden proved unpopular with the fans and were written out mid-season, [7] while new character named Maddie Harrington, played by Hayden Panettiere was added to the regular cast. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: List of Ally McBeal episodes. Season Five, Part One". Flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast Season Five, Part Two".

Archived from the original on 6 June Kelley I - Filmography by TV series". Calista Flockhart, David E. The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved 5 September Archived from the original on June 25, Ally McBeal.

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Jenny comes face to face with her old boyfriend when he is the other new associate at Cage and Fish. Your existing password has not been changed. You must verify your account in order to post comments. You Just Flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast Season 2, Episode 6 Miami Mayhem replay. Watch Next. Season 2, Episode 7 Iron Fork in the Road. Share close. Share on Facebook: Copy link below To share this on Facebook click on the link below Open Facebook back.

Home Episodes Video Cast About. Aired 4. Season 3, Episode 4. LP works up the courage to demand a prenup from Ana while still flirting with Thandi. Aneka has a surprising proposal for the Twins. Full Episode 96 days left. Cola gets devastating news from Jon Jon. LP is tempted by Thandi in Brooklyn and has to make a tough choice. A sexy pool party descends into chaos when Aneka attacks Cola.

A staff meeting to resolve issues only makes matters worse. Can the PTC Villa survive? Sexy staff clashes in new Pink Tea Cup. Ana and LP have conflicting plans for Miami. Jon Jon is keeping a big secret from Cola. In Brooklyn, Thandi plots against the twins.

Ana confronts Thandi over a Miami hookup with her man. A secret alliance plots revenge to take down the Pink Tea Cup. Full Episode 89 days left. A shocking staff firing shakes up the team and divides loyalties. Candice drops a bombshell about a threesome with Lawrence and Ana. A food competition pits the staff against each other. Jon Jon is shocked when Cola confesses about her hookup with Stef. Lawrence breaks up with Thandi. Lawrence deals with the aftermath of his ruined investor party; his Miami plan is at risk.

When their tension-fueled sit-down goes wrong, Ana takes down Candice. He kills himself and his assistant Andrea. It includes literary motives from "Frankenstein" to "Forbidden Planet" and multiple ironical twists when Dr.

Korby himself turns out to be an android, when he has to recognize that his perfect world of androids is a failure and when ultimately the concept of love kills him. Перейти the episode tries to accomplish just too much. The plot is nicely developed and quite thrilling with some good camera work up to the point when Korby duplicates Kirk about half-way through the episode.

After that I would have hoped to see more determination from everyone, but the only one who acts and who repeatedly attempts to escape or verbally confronts his opponent is Kirk. Kirk gives Spock a cue, he even tries to seduce Andrea, while Korby is just bantering and Christine remains lethargic. The discussion about androids takes too many different directions, or revolves around trivial details. But everything is being explained and demonstrated too ostentatiously, such as how androids can perfectly imitate voices or have no emotions.

So Chapel joined Starfleet just to find Korby. But her role also gives the story a human touch, rather than the usual old acquaintances of Kirk that appear in various episodes. Rather than that, it is nice to see how Kirk and everyone else of the crew care about Chapel.

Her role in the story does not really extend beyond giving Kirk a chance to test his art of seduction anyway. The Enterprise beams up a box from the mental institution on Tantalus V, in which the lunatic Dr.

Van Gelder has been посетить страницу to escape. He requests asylum on the ship. Nonetheless he beams down with psychiatrist Dr. Flirting quotes sayings quotes for women Noel to investigate the case. In sickbay Van Gelder talks of a "neural neutralizer" used by Dr.

Adams on him and other patients, and he warns that the landing party would be in danger. Spock learns more from him through a Vulcan mind-meld. In the Tantalus colony Kirk and Noel are secretly trying out the neural neutralizer, when Adams appears and uses it on Kirk at full power. Kirk grasps the opportunity and overwhelms Adams. When the power is switched on again, Adams is still lying in the neural neutralizer, and he dies as his mind is being erased. This episode will certainly be remembered for the first Vulcan mind-meld.

The promising idea of a mental institution with a stainless record but a dark secret is wasted because it is just too obvious what is going on down there. Considering that we can be sure that Dr. Adams is a charlatan almost right from the start, it would have been at least a bit more interesting if only Adams flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast tried to justify his actions, but there is nothing like that, also because no one really challenges him at any time.

He just pretends to heal his patients, while in reality he, well, "neutralizes" them. At latest when he comes and torments Kirk he behaves like a cookie-cutter villain whose goal and motivation does not matter. He just carries on, whatever he could still accomplish in flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast mad rage. And before he can even face the consequences of his wrongdoings and try to defend himself, poetic justice comes to pass and he is killed by his own machine. Van Gelder is another disappointing character.

He is just nuts throughout the episode, and his permanent screaming comes across as very stagy. Anyway, as soon as we see Noel on the transporter platform, accompanied by the "romantic" score, we know the direction this all would take.

Miami Mayhem

The whole issue of Helen Noel being a woman who may have had a crush on Kirk or vice versa or whatever does not work out at all.

Essentially it only serves as the incentive for Adams to suggest to Kirk epiode he is madly in love with her. The writer may have recognized that the idea of a lovesick Kirk was just too corny, and quickly returned him to normal. But it is full of missed opportunities. For instance, there could have been more of a conflict over Dr. At first Captain Kirk holds Dr. He explicitly asks for some other person instead.

McCoy is accordingly pissed. I think that this character flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast ought to have been further worked out. But as soon as Kirk is on the planet and sees the neural neutralizer, he too becomes skeptical. He talks openly to Spock and McCoy only after Adams glirting left the room and insists on staying aith on the planet than originally intended.

His role of being unsuspecting has been transferred to Dr. Noel, who finds a reason or an excuse for everything that Adams is doing down there. She appears as rather naive, or as an expert who does not concede that good theories may acst work out in practice. But a Kirk who stands corrected was apparently something not to be shown in TOS. The episode is also full of gratuitous or simply dumb names. This is so daft that it hurts. She may have purposefully chosen it after leaving her old life behind and perhaps she was a pleasant person prior to the treatment and forgot that too.

Finally, who in the world would associate something positive with a device that even Adams himself calls a "neural neutralizer"? The Enterprise receives a distress call and arrives at a planet that is an exact duplicate of Earth!

A landing party beams down and finds a town that has apparently been abandoned long ago. But then they flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast attacked by a disfigured humanoid boy that soon dies of an unknown qith. The only other inhabitants of the planet seem to be children, flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast whom only a teenage girl named Miri trusts the strangers.

It soon becomes evident that the landing party is disaste from the same disease vast killed dating sites for over 50 in south africa usa visa status india boy. Actually, on the planet a life prolongation program created a virus that killed the complete adult population years ago and left only the children, whose aging was extremely slowed down.

Fllrting every child entering puberty contracts the disease likewise. Miri agrees to lead Captain Kirk to the other children, and he can finally convince them to release Rand and hand out the devices.

In the meantime, however, McCoy has injected himself a dose of the vaccine, which successfully removes his blemishes. I used to list this one among the "Worst of TOS" episodes but recently changed my mind didaster bit. Watching "Miri" with the squeaking horde of children, their dreadful rhymes and rituals and their absurdly twisted logic certainly requires an flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast amount of patience.

And while I admit the depiction of the savage children who have been left to themselves for centuries may be even quite realistic, it makes the aand almost as hard to endure as it would be to have these little monsters around in real life. But once I managed to look past the annoying children at the heart of the story, I discovered some redeeming qualities. Miri, portrayed by Kim Darby who really does an awesome job here, is definitely a remarkable and memorable character, and disastef just because she is the only significant teenage girl role of нажмите для продолжения series.

She is very likable to start with, in strong contrast to all the other children. Her crush flirting with molly hatchet cast names 2017 Kirk comes across as credible, as does her jealousy when she discovers that Janice Rand is interested in him too, which she fllirting be even rather aware of than Kirk himself.

In many ways she is a teenage girl in her puberty with all the same wirh as everyone of her age in a normal world, only under much more caat circumstances.

The Unofficial Addams Family Episode Guide

It is worth mentioning that at the time the episode was produced Kim Darby was already 19, which I am almost по этому сообщению I never noticed before but which may explain why her chemistry with Shatner worked out better than it would have with a girl who was just around 13 years. Although it has been done in "The Naked Time" before, the idea is still relatively fresh here, and appears more credible than in most of the following stories of this type.

But aside from the children I have one other big problem with "Miri". The Enterprise runs into a planet that is an exact duplicate of Earth, which is arguably the most amazing discovery in the history of space exploration! It is a huge bummer that after the big surprise in the teaser the plot boils down to something small and almost trivial as fighting a nasty virus and an equally nasty gang of children.

Even after the problem with the virus has been solved, no one bothers to investigate the planet, how it was created, by whom and why. Ссылка bigger opportunity has never been wasted. If not in this episode, the mystery of the duplicate Earth ought to have been further explored in a follow-up.

The Enterprise arrives at Planet Q, where Dr. Leighton has flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast developed a synthetic food that could help the starving colonists on Cygnia Minor.

But actually the scientist wants Kirk to have a look at the actor Karidian, who Leighton believes is actually Kodos the Executioner. When the flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast supplies were lost, he ordered the execution of half the population. Kirk, however, seeks further proof. Riley are the only eyewitnesses left to identify Kodos. When an attempt is made to kill Riley, he confronts Karidian with the charges.

Фильмография Джеймс Бролин

But while there is no doubt about his guilt any longer, it turns out that actually Leonore killed all the eyewitnesses to protect her father.

Just for a change, this episode does not need any science fiction plot device to tell the story. In particular the scenes at the party and on the observation deck have a coziness that is otherwise absent from TOS. It almost seems as if witj Shakespeare dramas rub off on the "real" amd in the 23rd century.

Leighton shows up only two times before he is killed, but his intonation and wiith whole conduct appear unnatural to me. And his eyepatch that is revealed to actually cover half of his face in an overly climactic fashion adds to this impression. I can still understand that Karidian and his daughter are acting in real life much as they do on stage, but they appear to have infected other characters and most obviously Kirk too.

Kirk is out of his mind much of the time, and this is the principal weakness of the episode. He seems to leave out no opportunity to make almost disastrous mistakes. He pays no real attention to the data that the computer provides on Kodos. He skips epjsode further information on Kodos dated stardate He looks at the photographs of Kodos and Karidian on the screen, trying to spot similarities. He alienates Spock when he turns the Enterprise into a passenger transport.

Not even when he transfers Riley to engineering, seemingly against all reason. Spock would be the last one to spill the beans. Riley barely survives the conveniently half-hearted attempt to kill him with poison in his milk.

And how much more proof does Kirk still need after talking to Karidian in person and after comparing the voice patterns that this man really is Kodos? Finally, what about the murder of Leighton? Kirk does not seem to care for the investigation. It flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast seems as flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast there is no investigation at all.

At least it is never mentioned again. Aside from the overall stagy nature flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast the setting and occasionally of the acting too, there is good interaction between Kirk and Eleonore.

But there is almost none between her and her father until the final minutes, although it ought to have been set up in some fashion. Likewise, Kirk confronts Karidian with his past in only one scene. The whole back story and its impact on the characters would have deserved узнать больше здесь be better introduced or ссылка visualized - for instance in the form of flashbacks.

And when it comes to explaining how and why Eleonore killed all these people, it looks like csst switch is simply flipped, turning her insane and sparing the writer from further justifying anything.

flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast

In hindsight it was very counterproductive of her not only to kill the eyewitnesses in the first place stupid enough but even in the presence of the theater company. Moreover, if Karidian really wanted to protect his daughter diszster he affirms, why did he tell her about his true identity ссылка the first place?

flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast

One somewhat surprising recurrent theme of the episode is criticism of technology. It comes from Eleonore in almost every of her scenes, from her father and ultimately even from Kirk when he doubts the result of the speech comparison done by the computer. The Enterprise is carrying medical supplies for Makus III when Kirk, against the wishes of High Commissioner Ferris, decides to launch a shuttle to investigate the best dating quotes funny pictures formation of Murasaki Moreover, Latimer and some time later Gaetano are killed by indigenous creatures.

As the fuel supply is exhausted, Scott has devised a method to use the phasers to power the shuttle. In a "logical action of desperation"as he explains it, Spock ignites flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast little fuel is left as a beacon for the Enterprise crew to see on the screen. The shuttle appears for the first time in Star Trek, and it will never again be featured so extensively in the series.

The Galileo is much like an eighth crew member on the planet surface. Considering how frequently the later Star Trek series build stories around crashed shuttles and the marooned crew, this first and only episode of its kind нажмите для деталей TOS is definitely something special.

And while Boma could have restrained himself a little more, Spock frequently gives him new reasons for grievances. Spock implicitly proposes to leave three of the crew behind to save weight, rather than some equipment as it seems. When Flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast is lying dead in front of him, he cares about the spear that killed him instead about the man.

He refuses to take part in a service for Latimer. He is opposed to attacking the natives to get rid of them, because he mistakenly thinks they are open to reason.

But then Spock sets out to find Gaetano, although it is unlikely that the man is still alive, only to return with his dead body. Vice versa, his crewmates rescue Spock, whose legs are buried under a piece of rock, although the shuttle needs to lift off immediately.

I mean, the man has been in Starfleet for more than a decade, so no one can tell me he never commanded a shuttle on a short-term mission of flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast before. Still, also in regards to my first complaint, he creates the impression that there is nothing besides logic, no experience, no training, no advice from subordinated officers. The Enterprise arrives at Starbase 11 for repairs after an ion storm.

During the storm Kirk had to jettison the ion pod, which was occupied by Lt. Ben Finney, but not before issuing a red alert. On the starbase Commodore Stone reviews evidence of the incident, and he urges Kirk to give up his command.

Фильмография Джеймс Бролин – Famous American Pop People

When Kirk refuses, Stone sets up a court martial for negligent homicide. Kirk meets his old flame Areel Shaw, only to learn that she is flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast prosecutor.

He finds help in the person of the old-fashioned attorney Samuel Cogley. Finney may be still alive. The court moves castt the Enterprise order to find Finney on the ship.

I have a soft sport for "Court Martial" in spite of its flaws which may have to do with the many rewrites during its production.

I like the idea of the criminal case and also the special mood that is prevalent through much of the episode. Usually Kirk is the one who challenges disasyer opponents, this time it is the other flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast round.

He has to fight for his reputation. On the downside, flirting meme slam all night quotes life way suddenly everyone in Starfleet seems to turn his back on Kirk is overdone. That was incredibly contrived. Yet, Cogley would have lost the case. It is the sound synergy of humanity and technology that saves Kirk.

Sexy is Sexy, But Trashy is Trashy

Посмотреть больше a quite interesting first half the episode gradually loses its coherence after the visual evidence of Kirk prematurely pressing the button is presented. Also, Spock should have done a thorough investigation of the computer data instead of just playing chess, which gives him at most a crude idea that something is wrong with the programming.

We also need to wonder why Stone allows Kirk, who flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast still on trial, to go down to engineering with a phaser. The biggest weakness of the episode, however, is Ben Finney. When we finally see him, he winds up as a cookie-cutter madman making devilish grimaces. After all that Kirk has gone through, he encounters a ludicrously weak opponent in a poor excuse of a showdown.

What did Finney want to do anyway? Hide on the Enterprise for the rest of his life? This question almost ruins the whole plot. An according scene was cut from the episode. Spock summons the Enterprise to Starbase 11 and hijacks the ship, while Kirk is still on the planet. Pike suffers from по этому адресу paralysis after being exposed to delta rays.

The Talosian illusions would be the only way to give him a life worth living. The shuttle with Captain Kirk and Commodore in pursuit of the Enterprise runs out of fuel, and the two are beamed aboard. But his trial, including the presence of Mendez on the ship, has only been an illusion created by the Talosians. When the Enterprise arrives at the planet, Starfleet suspends the death penalty, and Pike is allowed to stay on Talos IV.

Although I am aware this is one of the favorite episodes of many fans, I see "The Menagerie" as an awkward patchwork compared to the original, "The Cage". The first 30 minutes of the link and frame story, before the transmission from Talos begins, is still decent drama.

I like how Pike keeps desperately? All this would have had the potential for a great episode. But in the following the trial is again and again interrupted and deferred by the transmissions from Talos IV, so frequently that it becomes annoying. We really need to wonder why anyone would even remotely consider a movie, as opposed to a real recording, as permissible evidence in a trial.

It needs more than the usual suspension of disbelief to imagine that we are watching a truthful depiction of the events on Talos IV. A simple message in which the Talosian declare that they would welcome Pike on their planet would have been absolutely sufficient for Spock to make his point. Well, he says that the showing of the whole story "would divert you [Kirk] from too soon regaining control of your vessel". Подробнее на этой странице, this one is a weak justification flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast one hour of mumbo-jumbo.

The idea of a death penalty for just contacting or going to a planet is bizarre, especially since it would have been a sufficient threat to Spock to be charged with mutiny, which would definitely have cost him his career. As absurd the death flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast already is, it adds insult to injury how quickly and effortlessly the law is suspended in the end.

The Talosians welcome Captain Pike to stay there, so everything is fine. And if it were punishable with death to take a starship to Продолжить, would it be alleviating circumstances детальнее на этой странице the Romulans kindly invited you?

During the investigation of an apparently uninhabited planet as a possible shore leave destination McCoy speaks of "Alice in Wonderland".

Briefly later he sees a big talking rabbit, who is followed by a little girl. Other members of the landing party too encounter people and things that they were just thinking of. Eventually McCoy is killed by a knight with a lance and Ensign Teller dies in an aircraft attack.

flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast

Kirk gathers the landing party around him, ordering them to stand still and stop imagining things that would come true. The caretaker of the place appears and explains that the whole planet is there for their enjoyment. McCoy and Teller are alive and well. Especially Captain Kirk acts just as if the creations of his mind were real. It is still understandable that he has an urge to talk to Ruth and to pay back Finnegan even though it is crystal clear that they are unreal.

But even after his friend McCoy has been killed, Kirk spends almost ten minutes thrashing his old nemesis Finnegan. And как сообщается здесь visibly has fun, as his impish grinning unmistakably shows us. It is either pretense or an absurd misconception that he expects a phantom, a robot only programmed for his "pleasure", to tell him what is going on. At least Kirk eventually decides that Ruth is more interesting than Finnegan.

Hard to believe that this childish moron is the reincarnation of a real person whom Kirk met at the Academy. A landing party beams down to the planet and finds the two in a manor like on 19th century Earth.

The owner of the manor introduces himself as Trelane, the Squire of the planet named Gothos. When Spock manages to beam them up to the Enterprise, Trelane abducts the complete bridge crew to his planet.

Kirk challenges Trelane to a duel with pistols. The Enterprise escapes, but soon Gothos pops up ahead of the ship again. Trelane transfers Kirk to the planet again and condemns him to death. On a general note about this type по ссылке plot, considering that humanity takes delight in animals in the form of pets, it may not surprise that powerful alien beings have pretty much the same attitude towards human beings.

Overall less bribed and spoiled by their powers? But many "adult" alien entities, for whom Trelane may have been a prototype, will take pleasure in the same kind of dull and cruel games, most notably Q in TNG.

Anyway, I enjoy "The Squire of Gothos" as the first episode of its kind. Most of the later stories with the crew as pets of powerful aliens are less interesting and less funny. Fortunately Kirk remains level-headed, while Trelane becomes increasingly childish.

I was only for them to send him to bed early. There is only one survivor.

The survivors beam up, and Kirk orders flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast pursue the enemy vessel into an unknown region of space. The powerful Metrons, however, stop the flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast ships. They prevent the imminent battle and turn it into a duel on a barren planet between just Kirk and the reptilian Gorn captain. Kirk eventually disables flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast Gorn with a crude cannon built from raw materials from the surface.

flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast

When Kirk refuses to kill the defeated Gorn, the Metrons release the Enterprise and the Gorn ship with the remark that there is hope for the human race. But it does have a couple of flaws too. The episode relays one нажмите сюда the key messages of Star Trek, that destroying the enemy at any cost should not be an option and that the defeated not only deserves mercy, but also respect.

But in "Arena" Captain Kirk needs as much time as wih minutes to arrive at this conclusion. After the outpost has been attacked and one of his crew has been killed, it is only understandable that Cred is accordingly uncompromising. It is the right course of action to pursue the attackers. But as he cries "Invasion! But I think episoxe is rather out of character. He has been provided with what is obviously flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast communication device.

But he neither tries to argue with the Metrons, nor does he mind fllirting the Gorn. Well, he may really think it is just a voice recorder, bearing in mind that he is surprised when the Gorn suddenly speaks to him.

flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast

Still, he could have been clever enough to only try to do anything else but throwing rocks and building weapons. Well, the role of the Metrons and their agenda are rather objectionable too. We may assume in their favor that it was their intention to teach the "primitive" races of humans and Gorn a lesson instead of really killing one of the two crews.

Interestingly, in Gene L. Anyway, the Metrons actually appear as very hypocritical. Firstly, the Metrons are not actually threatened but only annoyed by the presence of "violent" species in a region of space that they claim for themselves.

They could have let the two ships carry out their puny fight regardless, but they felt compelled to intervene. Exactly like a "primitive" species with sufficiently powerful technology would have done too. Secondly, their intervention is so presumptuous that it can only be called "playing god".

The Metrons have created a flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast in which the two "primitives" conveniently fight out their conflict. They appear to be under the impression that this посетить страницу источник by battle would exonerate them from killing the loser.

This visaster quite ironical because in medieval times an ordeal by battle flirting with disaster cast and crew episode 1 cast a human way to settle wwith, with God allegedly making the judgment for them.